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We’ve joined Unity Technologies

We are excited to be building out a new offering as a part of Unity, with additional capabilities to better help you achieve the goals that brought you to ChilliConnect – make money, save time, and enjoy game development.

To focus on building this stronger solution, we are no longer taking new customers onto the platform. You can sign up for the launch list of the new offering we are building at Unity, coming in 2021

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Game Services

Scalable Game Backend Services running Player Accounts, Multiplayer, Virtual Goods, Cloud Save, Leaderboards, Messaging, Gifting and more.

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Live Ops Toolkit

Enterprise-class Live Ops Toolkit. Manage game Economies and run A/B Tests, Live Events and Promotions with immediate player feedback.

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Integrated analytics out-of-the box, with no extra effort required. Segmented KPIs, full raw data access and warehousing option available.