The ChilliConnect team are pleased to announce our latest update and the inclusion of User Permissions, providing customers with the ability to restrict dashboard access to multiple users on a game by game basis. This release also includes updates to better support asynchronous and offline multiplayer games and a fresh new look to our dashboard icons! For full details please refer to the release notes on our help system.

Dashboard Users in ChilliConnect can be now defined as either Standard or Admin users, with only Admin users having the ability to invite new users, view billing information and add or edit games. When inviting Standard users to your ChilliConnect dashboard, you can also limit their access to specific games, as well as restrict them to either read only or read and write. This means that if you are working with multiple external partners, you can strictly control their access. In addition to this, Admin users can now delete older, unused accounts.

This release also includes two smaller updates to support turn based multiplayer use cases. Firstly, matches now support Outcome Attachment Data up to 1MB in size – this can be used to record larger and more detailed information about the outcome of matches, such as replay data. Secondly, the Collections API has been updated to allow query results to be randomly sorted. This means that if you’re using Collections to maintain a pool of players for offline multiplayer matches, you can return a sample of 20 random players to ensure that match-ups are varied. See our API docs for more details.

We’ve also made some small UX changes to the Dashboard in this release – our icon set has been updated to improve consistency and allow more options to be visible on screen at the same time. The games list on login is now divided in to separate sections for live games and development games. These are just the first changes in a series of updates we’ll be making over the next 6 months to improve Dashboard usability – if you have any specific requests, or suggestions, for the dashboard please get in touch at