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In our latest developer Case Study we’re joined by Scott Downie, CTO from Dundee-based studio Tag Games.

Over the years Tag Games has used ChilliConnect in a number of titles including the hit game Prison Architect.

Scott explains that Tag have used ChilliConnect for a number of years in many of their own titles, and as a result they have used every feature in the ChillConnect SDK, but the one feature they consistently use in every title is the the Catalog.

For their Raith Rovers match day app the Catalog was the main ChilliConnect feature used to store all the match day data that players and app users would want to know during and between games, for example: what fixtures were playing, who was in the squad, where they were playing and what stadiums they were at.

Scott also touches on the importance of the Collections feature in ChilliConnect which allows Tag Games to feed realtime match day information to Raith Rover fans via the app. This included information such as: who was scoring the goals, who was picking up cards, and more live information of that nature. Watch the video to see the full Case Study.


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