Following on from the release of Permanent Overrides last month, the ChilliConnect team are happy to announce a major extension to our segmentation functionality, allowing players to be targeted based on their install date, time since last login or revenue metrics. These additional criteria make it possible to run highly targeted Live Ops in ChilliConnect, providing players with a tailored experience and maximising the commercial potential of your game.

When creating an A/B Test or Permanent Override, you can now target players based on their Install Date or Previous Login date. This makes it possible to reward lapsed players returning to your game with bonus currency or items, make special offers available to early adopters and loyal players, or even run promotions to reward new players with extra items for a limited time.

We’ve also added a large number of criteria for segmenting players based on revenue spend, including first purchase date, last purchase date, total spend and specific items purchased. In combination with our existing Live Ops tools, these criteria allow you to:

  • Target players that have played for more than a few days but not converted with a special offer to encourage conversion
  • Set up automated offers such as starter packs that only become available to non paying players after a set period of time
  • Target high life-time spenders who have not made a recent purchase with tailored offers or messaging

All these new criteria can also be combined with our existing Segmentation options including Location, Device Type, Platform and Device model to provide you with a huge number of ways to modify your game in real time using ChilliConnect. As usual, you can read all about our new segment criteria in our developer guide.

In addition to our segmentation update, this release also includes a number of smaller improvements including fixes for issues when editing Custom Charts and performance improvements to several dashboard features. Before we finish for 2018, we’re planning on one more release to include Scheduled Events functionality and the ability to define game-specific, custom segment criteria, so watch this space!