ChilliConnect v2.7 - Scheduled Events and Player Properties

We are finishing a very busy 2018 in style by announcing the latest exciting update to the ChilliConnect platform. A brand new Scheduled Events Live Ops tool is now available for use in addition to another major improvement to our segmentation functionality with the inclusion of Player Properties.

Scheduled Events allow you to easily run time-limited Live Ops events in your game, such as weekend sales, special content updates, seasonal promotions and much more. Scheduled Events exist alongside A/B Tests and Permanent Overrides, and utilise the same Catalog overrides workflow. This makes it simple to start running events in your game to improve retention and boost revenue. To get started see our developer guide.

Following on from our last update that added the ability to segment players based on purchase history, Player Properties now allow you to segment players based on custom, game-specific properties that you define.

Player Properties can be used to record typed data against a player that can be then used as Segment criteria when setting up A/B Tests, Permanent Overrides, or Scheduled Events. Player Properties can be used to capture information such as player experience or progression, allowing you to target highly engaged players with special offers to keep them in your game or customise the experience for players that are struggling to progress.

Player Properties are extremely flexible, and can be used to target players based on pretty much any criteria you like. For more details on how to integrate in to your game, see our developer guide.

This release concludes our updates for 2018, but don’t worry we’ll be back early next year with a host of innovations in Live Game Management! In addition to some very exciting and ground breaking Live Ops tools we will be continuing to build deeper integration with our analytics functionality adding the ability to create and track KPIs of re-usable segments, vastly improving the on-boarding process for new users, addressing some much requested dashboard UX improvements and of course some new features in Game Services as well.

The New Year promises to be the most exciting yet for ChilliConnect as we continue to grow and offer game makers the tools you need to make better and more successful games.