ChilliConnect are pleased to announce our latest platform improvements. Included in this update is a Beta release of Real-time Analytics reporting, deeper Steam Integration, and some smaller, but often requested, dashboard updates.

The addition of Real-time Analytics in ChilliConnect provides you with up to the minute feedback on Active Players, Installs and Revenue, allowing you to gain instant insights on player behaviour. Real-time analytics are available from the Live KPIs tab of the game view and also via the Metrics dashboard. Real-time analytics are also integrated with A/B testing, meaning that within a few minutes of setting up a test you can start to identify the impact on your selected player groups. Amazing! Do check out our documentation for more details. Real-time analytics is currently available on a trial Beta basis. If you have any feedback, or improvement suggestions please let us know via

Following on from our addition of Mobile Device ID logins earlier this year, you can now link ChilliConnect players with Steam accounts, providing a seamless login experience for PC players. Check out the Steam Login Tutorial in our developer documentation.

This update also includes some smaller, but frequently requested, additions to analytics and the dashboard. We’ve simplified the recording of revenue in analytics, adding a new setting that will automatically record revenue when any IAP is successfully validated or redeemed. Plus users can now also remove invalid Leaderboard Scores in a single click and delete Player Accounts from the player view.

Please do keep sending your feature requests and improvements to the team. No matter how small, or large, we want to hear how we can continue to ensure ChilliConnect is the best choice for your games!