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The ChilliConnect team are pleased to announce our latest release, including the ability to better manage live player accounts using our new Support Scripts feature, an updated developer docs area and a new series of best practice articles to help you get the most out of ChilliConnect and run a successful live game. For full details please refer to the release notes on our help system.

It’s now possible to easily manage and update player accounts from the ChilliConnect Dashboard using our new Support Scripts feature. Support Scripts are a new type of Cloud Code script that can be run from the player view, providing you with the full flexibility of Cloud Code to modify and update player accounts. Support Scripts are useful in a number of different situations such as updating or compensating player accounts in response to support tickets, applying workarounds for specific issues and configuring accounts with test data during development. To find out more, check out our developer guide.

The documentation area in ChilliConnect has also been given an overhaul. We’ve made the docs site mobile friendly, implemented a cleaner, easier to read design and restructured around Game Backend, Analytics and Live Ops to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Any feedback, let our team know on

We’ve also launched the first articles in a series covering best practices when using ChilliConnect to run live games. In the first article we explain the differences and trade-offs made when choosing between client authoritative and server authoritative game design, and in the second provide our top tips on preparing for soft launch. Next up, we’ll be covering how to make the most of the ChilliConnect Catalog, Advanced Cloud Code and much more, so keep an eye on our blog to stay up to date.