ChilliConnect Live Ops Permanent Overrides Feature Now Live v2.5 release

We are delighted to announce the next major update to our Live Ops functionality with the addition of Permanent Overrides, allowing multiple concurrent Catalog overrides to be applied to targeted player segments. This release also includes support for One Time Purchases, making it simple to implement common purchasing use cases for Live Service games in ChilliConnect. Get in touch at and let us know what you think!

Complementing our A/B Testing functionality, Permanent Overrides allow you to target specific player segments with modifications to your Catalog that are dynamically applied at run time. Permanent Overrides have a huge number of potential applications when running a live game, such as defining geographic and device specific content, or performing a phased roll out of new features to a subset of players. See our developer guide for more details.

Permanent Overrides can run seamlessly alongside A/B Testing, plus players can have multiple Permanent Overrides assigned at the same time enabling an unrivalled level of control! ChilliConnect takes care of ensuring that an individual players Catalog includes all assigned overrides reducing the potential for human error. When setting up a new A/B Test or Permanent Override, we’ll also detect any potential conflicts across your campaigns to make sure that the same Catalog item is never overridden twice for one player.

We’ve also introduced a new One Time setting on both Virtual and Real Money purchase Catalog items. One Time purchases can only be made by a player once, with ChilliConnect tracking what items each player has already purchased, and providing a simple API to find available purchases.

By defining a One Time Virtual Purchase with no cost, you can also provide players with free gifts that can only be redeemed once. One Time purchases can be used to implement many common use cases for purchasing in Live Service games, including introductory IAPs such as Starter Packs that should only be made once, special bonuses for performing actions such as linking a social media account and providing players with free items or currency as part of a seasonal promotion. To find out more, see our developer guide.

If that wasn’t enough we have even more exciting Live Ops features coming before the end of the year! Our next releases will include additional segmentation properties, allowing you to target players based on last login date, install date, revenue data as well as custom, game-specific properties such as progression. We’ll also be adding the ability to run time-limited Scheduled Events such as sales and promotions, and improvements to our Data Warehousing service.