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We caught up with Co-Founder and Creative Director Michael Othen from Fusebox Games earlier this year at Develop:Brighton to chat about the roaring success of Love Island the game. Now in its second season, following the fourth season of the TV show on UK screens, Love Island the game has had more than 6 million downloads on the app store to date!

Michael started his career in games twelve years ago as a designer at Electronic Arts, then learned programming to allow him to start making his own iPhone games. Eventually, this led Michael to starting Fusebox Games with Co-Founder Wil Stephens.

Love Island the game was released for the first time in the Summer of 2018 alongside season three of the British TV Show. With the show now on American TV screens, more and more people are playing the game. 

As the protagonist you get to choose how you respond and act in certain scenarios in the game and the story diverges depending on your choices. Behind the scenes, the team at Fusebox Games are kept very busy script writing for the choice-based narrative adventure game.

Title: Love Island the game

Game Info: F2P, Single Player, iOS and Android

Status: Live in UK and USA


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