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One Dashboard. One SDK. Everything you need to make your game a success.

Fast and Scalable Game Services

Easily add online and social features to your game without having to build and operate your own servers. Our backend is proven to scale to millions of players and will support your game as it grows. ChilliConnect includes out of the box support for the most common features and can be quickly customised to support whatever your game needs.

Live Game Management features LiveOps Game Services
Player Accounts.

Player Accounts

Our flexible player accounts system allows you to create anonymous accounts and then associate them with Email, Username or a Facebook profile, allowing players to login and access their account from any device.

Cloud code.

Cloud Code

Write your own custom API using our powerful Cloud Code feature. Cloud Code integrates seamlessly with the other features of ChilliConnect and our built-in testing harness makes it easy to quickly iterate on your scripts.

Live Game Management features LiveOps Game Services
Live Game Management features LiveOps Game Services
Economy Management

Economy Management

Define your game economy through our Dashboard and make purchases, convert currencies, update player inventory and more through our SDK.

IAP Validation

IAP Validation

Protect your revenue by verifying In App Purchases. ChilliConnect checks that purchase receipts provided are valid and have not been previously redeemed.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Data

Cloud Data is an easy to use cloud-based storage system that can be used to store any data you like against a player and loaded through our SDK whenever a player logs in to your game, on any device.



ChilliConnect Leaderboards allow you to quickly add a competitive, social element to your game, a proven way to boost retention. Leaderboards work in real-time and provide the option to compare scores globally or with Facebook friends.



Support for asynchronous multiplier with flexible turn types, server or client authoritative and customisable match making. Real-time support provided through integration with Photon.

Accessible Analytics

ChilliConnect automatically collects KPIs on your game broken down by player segment and gives you instant access to vital metrics including DAU, MAU, Retention and Revenue. You always have 100% ownership of your data through our daily CSV and SQL exports. Data Warehousing option available for full query access.

Live Game Management features LiveOps Game Services

Analytics Dashboard

Integrated, easy to use analytics give you instant visibility of essential KPIs including DAU, MAU, Player Retention, ARPDAU, Conversion rate and many more.

Data Export

Daily Data Export

ChilliConnect makes all of your data available for offline analysis with daily exports in CSV or SQL format

User Insights

Player Insights

Custom analytics events provide you with the ability to track detailed player behaviour, fine tune gameplay, improve KPIs and increase revenue.


Data Warehousing

Bring all your data together in to a fully managed data warehouse. Full access allows you to run direct queries across all your game data and integrate with any of your existing BI tools.

Next Generation Live Ops Toolkit

An integrated set of tools that make it simpler than ever before to run A/B Tests, Live Events and Promotions in your game. Our Live Ops Toolkit integrates with both our Game Backend and Analytics features to provide a best-in-class, complete, end-to-end workflow that makes it simple to both configure, run and analyse Live Ops in your game. Free to use for a limited time.

Live Game Management features LiveOps Game Services
AB Testing.

AB Testing

A/B Test any element of your game, including assets, configuration and economy. Run as many tests as you like in parallel, filter to new players only or set a player cap per test.
Live Events

Live Events

Set up stacked live events with fine-grained player segmentation. Run sales, promotions and one off special events. Update content, economy or game configuration in just a few clicks.