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We are delighted to announce the much anticipated release of improvements of several major updates to our Leaderboards functionality. Game Services feature Leaderboards now includes the ability to create Partitions and Resets, giving you more ways to implement engaging competitive and multiplayer elements in your game.

We have also made several improvements to our Catalog feature, making the importing and publishing process much easier.



Leaderboard Partitions

Partitions make it easy to subdivide Leaderboards in ChilliConnect, allowing you to group player scores by Country, Rank or any criteria you want. Read more in our Developer Docs.

Leaderboard  Resets

You can now automatically reset leaderboard scores daily, weekly, monthly or manually from the ChilliConnect dashboard, meaning you can now implement tournament and seasons style leaderboards in to your game.

Catalog Publishing Improvements

We have also been busy making a series of updates to the Catalog feature, making it easier than ever to import and publish using the Catalog in your game.

  • When importing to the Catalog you can now differentiate between changed and unchanged items.
  • On publishing a Catalog, you are now able to preview the changes between the currently published version and the version about to be published.
  • When importing and publishing to the Catalog you are now given the option to view a detailed different view per Catalog item.


We are always working hard in the background to help you to make better and more successful games. Taking on board your feedback helps us shape our roadmap for the future. Next up on our roadmap:


Leaderboard Resets – Further Improvements

Further improvements to Leaderboard Resets, including the ability to automatically gift players items or currency based on their final position or score, and more support for tournament style leaderboards.


Admin API

New Admin API will provide you with programmatic access to the ChilliConnect dashboard, allowing ChilliConnect to be integrated with existing tools and automated processes.