ChilliConnect v2.9 - Data Warehousing

ChilliConnect are delighted to announce the general availability of our Data Warehousing service. With Data Warehousing you can easily access and query your raw analytics data, providing all the control and flexibility of hosting your own Data infrastructure, but with none of the hassle. Read on to find out more, or check out our documentation.

Our Data Warehousing service runs on Amazon Redshift – a powerful Petabyte-scale database that is capable of quickly running queries over huge data sets using SQL. With Data Warehousing in ChilliConnect, you have direct access to a sand-boxed Redshift database that stores data for all of your games in a single location.

With Data Warehousing there is no need to internally monitor and maintain your own infrastructure. We set everything up for you and load your data in each day, including sessions, events, purchases, installs and KPIs. Data Warehousing is perfect when

  • You have in-house Data Analysts that want to run their own raw SQL or programatically access data using industry standard tools
  • You are looking to use an external contract Data Analyst for a limited time and want provide them with as much flexibility as possible
  • You are using an existing BI tool, such as Tablaeu or Looker, that you want to use to visualise your data.
  • The ChilliConnect dashboard provides full visibility of the total size of your Data Warehouse

Like everything else in ChilliConnect, with Data Warehousing you only pay for what you use. You are billed based on the compressed size of data stored and have the ability to define your own retention period. From the ChilliConnect dashboard, we also provide a daily import log that shows the total size of your data set and each daily import, giving you full visibility of your service usage and making it easy to manage costs.

Data Warehousing is available on a FREE 30 day trial for all existing customers – just get in touch with us at to turn on Warehousing for your account. Next on our roadmap we’re working on some big improvements to our Leaderboards functionality, making it easier to run leaderboards at scale, and adding better support for tournament style use cases