The ChilliConnect team are excited to announce a major update to our game analytics tools with several improvements to Custom Charting, including an improved workflow, better support for large data sets, extended filtering and grouping options and much more. These improvements are a result of direct customer feedback – we really do listen to your suggestions so please get in touch at and let us know what you think!

The Custom Charts workflow has been updated allowing you to explore your data in a much more interactive way. You can now generate and export charts on demand then optionally save to your dashboard if you want to keep them. This makes it easier to try out different combinations of charts to find the specific data you are looking for.

Grouping and filtering options for charts have been hugely improved. It’s now possible to filter chart data based on player properties such as location, version or platform as well as event properties. Filters will also auto-complete based on existing data. New grouping options also allow you to view charts by either player properties or event properties, or a combination of both.

We’ve also introduced new chart types: Number and Table. Number allows you to produce a single aggregated value when you don’t care about grouping – for example, total number of purchases of a specific item or total number of players that have performed a certain action. For larger data sets, the new Table view allows you to view data in a tabular format with options to sort and filter on demand.

There are also a large number of smaller improvements such as the ability to chart number of events, players, sessions or an aggregate of a specific event property, filter on a specific date range, as well as an entirely new charting engine with much better support for larger data sets. Log in to your dashboard now to try it out!