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If you’re already signed up to ChilliConnect you’ll know fine well that one of the most powerful features in the SDK is Cloud Code. Many developers using ChilliConnect use Cloud Code extensively. 

Up until recently, the only way to handle custom server logic was through the ChilliConnect dashboard. We found that sometimes this presented challenges for bigger teams collaborating over larger projects. Now, with the new Cloud Code support within the Admin API, you can handle scripts in an entirely different way…intrigued? You should be! Read on to find out more…


Game developer using ChilliConnect Cloud Code with Admin API


Admin API Integration

With the new AdminAPI you can now integrate Cloud Code functionalities with your own internal tools. The interface contains a large percentage of the functionality available in the current ChilliConnect dashboard. As a result, you can now automate CRUD processes, perform test runs and publish scripts simply using HTTP requests. It’s now also possible to design testing to further simplify your development processes.


Copying Scripts

RESTful access to Cloud Code scripts makes it possible to automate script duplication between games. That includes duplication of scripts available within a game, scripts filtered by type or a single script identified by its key. Let’s take a look at a sample Python script capable of achieving that goal.

The script first makes a call to the AdminAPI to obtain a list of all the API scripts. Then, iterating through the result it uses script key to make another call to get all the relevant data for the script to be copied.

When the information is received successfully, the response is used to make a call that creates the script for the destination game. Please reference the AdminAPI documentation to ensure that you include all the parameters required by the type of processed script.


Creating a Script from Local Directory

A similar approach could be taken to load scripts from the local directory. This time, the goal could be achieved by creating a script that will take all the essential information required for creating a script as parameters and then by making a request to the AdminAPI to create a new script for a game. Please, reference AdminAPI documentation for more details.


Learn more about how the new Admin API feature is being used by Dundee based Game Studio Tag Games in their Raith Rovers Match Day app.

If you’re thinking of adding Live Game Management to your game why not sign up for a free 30 day trial.