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ChilliConnect Studio | Is it the right tier for you?

If you’re developing a game on ChilliConnect and have already integrated LiveOps during the early stages and your players are spiking, you’re probably thinking about taking your game to the next level!

ChilliConnect Studio lets you take full control of your game and data with access to all of the features in ChilliConnect, as well as unlimited Permanent Overrides, Scheduled Events and A/B Tests. 

If you are wondering if ChilliConnect Studio is the right Live Game Management solution for you then read on to find out more from our frequently asked questions.

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How much does Studio cost?

ChilliConnect Studio costs $749 per month plus usage. 3 million API calls are included then $19 per million after that.

Check out a breakdown of all of our pricing options.


I have a team of 7, can we all get access to the ChilliConnect dashboard?

Absolutely! ChilliConnect Studio includes up to 10 user accounts, perfect for the larger studio with teams of multiple people and disciplines.


We have our own analyst who prefers to run independent reporting and visualisation in a separate tool. Is this possible with Studio?

Yes! ChilliConnect Studio is the first of the four tiers that comes with the Data Warehousing feature. Export out up to 20GB of game data and import in to your preferred Analytics solution with our Data Warehousing feature.

Exporting more than 20GB of data each month? Add additional storage for $350 per 70GB of compressed data.


Did that answer all of your questions? Get started with ChilliConnect for free or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.