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ChilliConnect Start-Up | Is it the right tier for you?

In a previous blog post we answered the most burning questions we get from developers about ChilliConnect Indie.

ChilliConnect Indie is great if you’re developing a game from scratch and don’t expect it to be live for some time, or if your game hasn’t been live for long and you have a small player base. However, as your player base starts to grow, the capability of your game definitely should too!

ChilliConnect Start-Up gives you access to lots of amazing LiveOps features straight-out-of-the-box like A/B Testing, Scheduled Events and Push Notifications, allowing you to take your game to the next level and keep players coming back for more!

Curious to know if ChilliConnect Start-Up is the right Live Game Management solution for you? Read on to find out more.

Game developer working in office at night in his start up games studio



What am I able to do with Start-Up that I can’t do with Indie?

If you’re making a game that’s starting to gain traction you’ll start to make savings on the usage charges which make up part of the monthly fee.

Another benefit of ChilliConnect Start-Up is that you’ll have access to the LiveOps toolkit meaning you can start running your game as a live service by applying social and connected elements to gameplay such as live and timed events, campaigns and promotions.

ChilliConnect Start-Up also provides deeper Analytics capability with the introduction of custom game events tracking and custom charting options.


How much does ChilliConnect Start-Up cost?

Start-Up on ChilliConnect costs $249 per month per game which includes up to 2 million API calls (double the amount on Indie) a month, then $22 per additional 1 million API calls.

Check out a breakdown of all of our pricing options.


How many people in my team can use ChilliConnect Start-Up?

ChilliConnect Start-Up comes with up to 5 user accounts which can be customised and tailored to suit each individual. All the data pulling from the Game Services and LiveOps activity, it’s a great way to join up processes and workflows across multi-discipline teams such as development, marketing, analytics, and LiveOps for example.

Using the Account Management settings you can set specific user permissions for each account. This means that each account can be set up in a tailored way,


Did that answer all of your questions? Get started with ChilliConnect for free on the 30 day trial or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.