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ChilliConnect Indie | Is it the right tier for you?

The growth in the number of gamers around the world is staggering. With 1.82 million gamers reported in 2014, 2.47 million in 2019, and a predicted 2.72 million by 2021*, there is no evidence to suggest that video game development will come to a halt any time soon.

Whilst this is fantastic news for the games industry, developers face a host of new challenges and are starting to seek smarter ways to meet the rapidly growing demands of an increasingly connected gamer network.

For many years, developers have built their own server architecture and tools internally to support the needs of their games, however, this is becoming more costly to establish and maintain than ever before.

The mindset of game makers is now shifting and third party solutions are playing a more prominent role in modern game development. With a wide variety of scalable and customisable solutions available straight out of the box, Live Game Management is becoming the GaaS solution game developers have been waiting so long for.

Whether you are a one-person indie developer or a 500+ person game publisher, there are now a range of solutions that you can quickly integrate with your game and for just a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

At ChilliConnect we have four tier options, all designed to suit the needs and scale of your game. Curious to know if ChilliConnect Indie is the right Live Game Management solution for you? Be sure to read on for more information.

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What features do I get with Indie?

ChilliConnect Indie comes with all of the Game Services features currently available in the SDK. These tools provide you with the basis for adding connected features to your game. As your player base grows you can move up to the Start-Up, or even Studio, tiers which include the LiveOps functionality needed to run campaigns and keep player engagement high.

Game Services features: Game Data Catalog, Player Data, Messaging and Gifting, Virtual Economies, IAP Validation, Cloud Code, Leaderboards, Async Multiplayer, Realtime Multiplayer and DLC.

I want to track player performance in my game, can I do this with Indie?

Absolutely! With Indie you get access to the built-in analytics dashboard allowing you to track core KPIs through the soft launch and live phase of your game. You can also track Player Data such as Active Players, Total Installs, Installs in the last 24 hours, and much more!

What does the API Explorer do?

We’re so glad you asked! The API Explorer is a wonderful tool that allows you to invoke the ChilliConnect API directly from your browser, allowing you to test drive the main features of ChilliConnect before integrating the full SDK in to your game. This is a great way to work out how to implement your game whilst on the Indie tier. It’s also a great way to troubleshoot and debug your game during development and testing phases. Find out more about the API Explorer tool.

I am part of a team of three developers, can we all access the dashboard and use the features in Indie?

ChilliConnect Indie comes with 1 account user. The next tier is Start-Up which includes up to 5 user accounts. Start-Up is better suited to team’s with multiple disciplines working on a game, for example teams dedicated to running LiveOps, Marketing and Analysis.


Do I need a live game to be able to use ChilliConnect Indie?

Our aim is to help you get your game to market faster! You don’t need to have a live game to use ChilliConnect, quite the opposite actually! Many of our customers who are now running successful live games integrated ChilliConnect very early in the development process which provided a clearer and more robust route to soft-launch.

Adopting ChilliConnect early will allow you to save huge amounts of money over fixed internal resources, will provide you with off-the-shelf and customisable features reducing development iteration time and will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on making a great game.


My game makes hundreds of thousands of API calls a month, is that included in Indie?
Yes! ChilliConnect Indie includes 1 million API calls per month. After that it costs £24 per million.


How much does Indie cost?

All of our tiers are priced to suit the needs and scale of your game. ChilliConnect pricing is based on two elements: the monthly tier subscription and monthly usage (how many API calls you make to our servers). This way you only ever pay for what you use which we believe is much fairer.
ChilliConnect Indie costs just $49 a month plus monthly usage. Check out a breakdown of all of our pricing options.

Find out more about our pricing model in a previous blog post “How much will LiveOps cost for my game?”


Did that answer all of your questions? Get started with ChilliConnect for free on the 30 day trial or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.

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